History , Vision & Mission

History :
5 Continents Int'l Transport and Air cargo agency Ltd established on 1995 .
Chronological History :
1995 - The company registered and received  the License of Freight Forwarding and Trucking from the Ministry of Road and Transportation .
1995 – The company got to be a full member of the Iran Chamber of Commerce , Industries and Mines who is acting as the guarantor to IRU ( International Road transport Union ) for our TIR Trailers in service . 
1995 - The company became a full member of the ITCAI ( International Transport companies Association of Iran )
1996 - The company became member of FIATA  ( Fédération Internationale des Associations de Transitaires et Assimilés )
 2000 – The company got the license of Air Cargo Agency - Air Line GSA ,  from the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran .
2000 – The company  became the Air Line GSA agent for Cargolux Int’l Air lines S.A - Luxembourg the biggest Cargo Carrier in Europe.
2002 – The company became exclusive agent of ATLAS International network in Iran   
2004 – The company became exclusive agent of WIN network 
2004 – The company became member of TIACA , ( The International Air Cargo Association )
2004 – The company became member of WCA , ( World Cargo Alliance )
2004 – The company became member of FAGSA ( Federation of Airline General Sales Agents. )

Vision :
Our Vision in 5 Continents , is steady expansion of our freight forwarding and logistics services to meet all the requirements of our prominent clients with the aim of providing a one stop place for all their transport needs .    

Mission :
Our Mission of the company is being a useful service link in the chain of  international trade .
The initial requirement for achieving this mission is investing on People within the company from one hand and also selecting a network of efficient and reliable agents worldwide from the other hand .

To achieve our goals  we are  inviting professional managers who are specialized in different fields of transport industry to support our team and we continue with employing and adding experienced team player executives to make our steady progress possible.
Moreover and at the same time we are entering into cooperation agreement with a number of internationally well known freight forwarding companies , shipping lines , Air lines who are cooperating with us to expand our market share steadily and continuously.
However we are still open for any new opportunities to be considered in our expansion plans .

We have got to be a dependable member in a number of  well known professional transport and logistics networks  , representing them in Iran and these worldwide transport group of companies are giving us great supports to offer all kind of services in every geographical regions .

Our master plan is set to achieve our goals by steadily growing up, not only in covering new geographical areas but also providing new services in the basket of our service products to create a solid base to meet the requirements of our prominent clients . This has been our policy till date and we are continuing our expansion plans in the same path rather than planning for high rocketing growth without a good base of knowledge, experience and possibilities.

Our Membership in professional  organizations :

ITCAI –  International Transport Companies Association of IRAN  
FIATA -   Federation International des Association de Transitaire et Assimiles        
ICCIM -   Iran  Chamber of Commerce,industries and Mines 
ICC –      International Chamber of Commerce 
ATLAS -  Shipping International Network Ltd. - Belgium 
WIN   -    Worldwide Int’l Network –  Switzerland
WCA  -   Worldwide cargo Alliance – USA
FAGSA - Federation of Air lines General Sales Agents. Switzerland 
TIACA – The Int’l Association of Cargo Agents – USA  
Chamber of commerce of Iran and Germany 
Chamber of commerce of Iran and France 
Chamber of commerce of Iran and Belgium
Chamber of Commerce of Iran and Canada
Chamber of commerce of Iran and England
Chamber of commerce of Iran and China 
 Arbitration Department of Iran Chamber of Commerce , industries and mines .